Be Youtiful Story

Women want to look and feel beautiful at every moment of the day.

With a unique selection of trendy, technical accessories, Be Youtiful offers modern women innovative products to complete their daily beauty routines. From flawless faces to chic hairdos, Be Youtiful gives women the tools to showcase their individual styles.

Be Youtiful: your best partner for the most beautiful you!

Quality comes first

We implement a 3 Steps to Quality system which drives quality, safety and regulatory compliance with all our products. These are the foundation steps that we make to maintain customer trust and loyalty when customers are using each of our product.

  1. Supplier Management

    We source our products from Suppliers who are either audited by 3rd parties and follow Group standards or certified with global audit scheme to ensure continuity in quality that you can trust.

  2. Product Management

    We ensure that all our products are compliant with the regulatory requirements and Group stringent quality assurance program.

  3. Surveillance Management

    We consistently practise product testing, factory audits and production inspections/visits to ensure that our quality is up to our expected level. This includes fixing and/or removing products that don’t meet our standards for quality or safety, validating product quality ongoing, and validating supplier quality ongoing.